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Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.


Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.


Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.

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Ensure compliance, maximise safety

Optimize your equipment documentation processes, keep workers safe, and eliminate the risk of non-compliance.
Comprehensive equipment documentation management Onix provides a centralized digital platform for managing equipment documentation, enhancing safety compliance and minimizing the risk of non-compliance.  
Seamless integration with ERP systems Onix simplifies the control over below-the-crane equipment, complementing ERP systems without the need for costly custom programming.  
Efficient risk management and inspection reminders The platform aids in ensuring that equipment meets safety standards and regulations, reducing downtime and improving safety through timely inspection reminders.  

An ecosystem for equipment control

As an equipment owner, it’s your responsibility that your loose lifting equipment is safe to use. Complying with safety regulations is difficult enough, if every piece of equipment doesn’t also have several versions of documentation between suppliers, owners and inspectors.

Onix Work simplifies this: One piece of equipment, one set of digital documents. Equipment documentation which used to be transferred to different proprietary systems or physical pieces of paper, now has a single digital home, which all stakeholders can access whenever they like.

Guarantee reliable and consistent documentation

Establish standardised documentation processes, ensuring consistency and reliability across all equipment records. Our platform provides seamless collaboration with suppliers and inspectors - enhancing transparency and trust throughout the supply chain. 
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Complement your ERP system

Your ERP-system is too complex to register every strap, hook or swivel, and customizing it means a whole lot of costly programming hours. Onix Work gets you full control of all your below-the-crane equipment, across your entire value chain.
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Mitigate risks and avoid costly penalties

As an equipment owner you don’t have to be able to recite LOLER, PUWER or the Machine Directive from memory, but it’s your responsibility to ensure that your loose lifting equipment is up to code. Onix Work sends you and your inspector reminders before an inspection is due. You’ll be able to plan better, reduce downtime and keep workers safe.
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Onix Tool Store: the perfect companion app

Combine Onix Work with Onix Tool Store to get complete control over where your equipment is, its status, and who has checked it in or out of your tool crib.
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Join hundreds of companies using Onix Work to optimise their business operations

Why should you digitize equipment documentation?

Speed up inspections Onix Work makes inspections 4 times faster, while ensuring correct documentation and instant sharing.  
Avoid missing registration of data You have to comply with a lot of regulations. A digital tool lets you track, document and notify about dates and regulations, making fulfilling them much easier.  
Increase efficiency and avoid duplications Instead of spending time registering the same data in several systems, do it once, in one database.  
Avoid work accidents

Provide user manuals and equipment safety information digitally, right on your mobile device.

Any worker will be able to find the results of the last inspection immediately.

Safe working environment A safe working environment is what we all strive for. Maintaining a reputation as a safe workplace is key to business growth.  
Communicate efficiently Collaborate efficiently with your supplier and inspector and get a more seamless experience where you get all the relevant documents in one place. Zero maintenance in relation to document handling.  

How does Onix Work fit into your workday?

Onix Work is designed to let you adjust it to your own way of doing things, so that you can stick with what works best for you.

Access customer data in cloud
You automatically receive equipment data and documents from your supplier in your Onix Work portal
Access documentation
Your workers can now access equipment documents and see if the equipment is safe to use
Perform inspction
When the equipment is due for inspection, your inspector connects to your Onix Work portal
Real-time access to reports
Your inspector does the mandatory inspection, updates your equipment, and sends you the report
99.9% UPTIME

Customers say

"COSL Drilling Europe AS is very pleased to be working with Onix Work. The service has always been impeccable. We have had the system as our database for loose lifting accessories and lifting equipment for a long time. All our suppliers within the inspection and delivery of lifting equipment are obliged to use Onix Work. The value of this system is that we have control of our lifting equipment and annual inspections are carried out in less time."
Magne Vestbøstad
Magne VestbøstadCOSL Drilling Europe AS
“When we introduced Onix Work at OKEA, we do not need binder systems with certificates that take up space on the shelves and we get faster access to inspection reports and certificates. Easy and quick access to certificates makes it easy to order lifting equipment with the same measurements and dimensions.”
Stein Roger HopmarkOKEA

Onix Work

Everything in one place: docs, tags, tracking, inspections, reports.
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