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Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.


Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.




Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.

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About Onix

Onix AS

Onix AS is a Norwegian software company that develops and provides the independent web portal Onix Work, used throughout the world for managing lifting equipment and other types of work equipment. Our solution helps companies keep track of status, documents, inspections and maintenance that is legally required. We digitize work processes for suppliers, inspectors, and users of work equipment and where they can cooperate and share data of their assets. Onix is the leading provider of digitized documentation for work equipment in Norway and has several large customers in Europe and other continents.

Since our beginning in 1996, we have always strived to develop software that excites and increases efficiency for our customers.

We were always told we were too early, that it would never work because the paper was superior for this kind of work. Today, companies that don’t digitize don’t have a future.


Our vision

We will deliver smart niche solutions that excite.

Our vision

We will deliver smart niche solutions that excite.

Our values

Responsive, Enthusiasm, Quality & Ownership.

Our values

Responsive, Enthusiasm, Quality & Ownership.

Meet our management team

CEO, Bernt Håvardsholm
Bernt Håvardsholm CEO
CTO, Idar Johansen
Idar Johansen CTO
Head of Finance, Elisabeth Nygaard
Elisabeth Nygaard Head of Finance
Development Manager - Vu Pham
Vu Pham Development Manager
VP Sales, Christoffer Bergstrøm
Christoffer Bergstrøm VP Sales
VP Customer Success, Cathrine V. Gynnild
Cathrine Vesterli Gynnild VP Customer Success
Chief Professional Services, Kristin Lif-Melberg
Kristin Lif-Melberg Chief Professional Services

Disrupting the lifting industry

We have always had a passion for change. Constantly chasing improvements and better work processes. That’s why we named our company Onix, inspired by the fabled beast Phoenix, who kept renewing itself - each time younger and stronger.

That’s what we have been doing for our customers for the last 25 years - help them renew themselves, grow stronger, help them stay competitive and prepared for the digital future.


The story about the economist and the programmer

Onix’ story started when our founders Bernt and Kjetil happened to meet in a hallway while working freelance. Inspired by his former job at a rigging company, Bernt had this idea about personnel scheduling software. With his background in economy and management and Kjetil’s mad programming skills, they decided to team up and give it a go. The idea of Onix People was pitched to several large oil-related companies, and oh boy did they buy it.

A few years later Bernt and Kjetil had built a successful business and expanded the software portfolio. Large customers used Onix Maintenance for data on machines and cranes, but it wasn't ideal for all the loose lifting accessories and assets. One of these customers made Bernt aware of the total paper chaos from mandatory inspections of loose work- and lifting equipment.

This was a great opportunity to develop new software with the potential to save companies a huge amount of time and money and improve worksite safety. But at the same time, it was a huge risk because it meant reallocating the resources from safe income. For this unique idea of sharing data to be a success, Bernt knew it had to be a cloud solution.

In the new The Crane Portal and The Certificate bank, inspectors and equipment owners could share data to streamline annual inspections, and this was the very first version of today’s Onix Work solution.

Not long after, these two portals were merged into one. It allowed for better and more efficient collaboration between suppliers, inspectors, and owners/users of equipment. This second-generation software was named The Equipment Portal, and over the years a lot of features for all kinds of work equipment have been added and improved.

From 2007 to 2013 Onix played a big role in an RFID standardization project. Onix participated in meetings with representatives from all over the world, including the “Norwegian Oil & Gas” organization. After this, Innovation Norway funded a co-project with Onix and Certex to develop an RFID solution for loose lifting accessories. From this project, RFID and QR technologies were integrated into different parts of the software.

By this time Kjetil wasn't the only programmer anymore, and in 2012 it was time to increase the development capacity drastically. In his constant drive to improve, Bernt the economist, read an article about a development environment in Vietnam. Long story short, this is where the eminent development team was built to prepare Onix for the fast-paced technological future.

In 2014, the very first Onix app was launched; Onix Inspection. Although phones are filled with apps today, this was quite ground-breaking and revolutionary at the time. This app enabled the modern inspector to complete the documents onsite and save his customers a lot of money.

Once again, it had become necessary to change technology in the cloud. This was a great opportunity to rebrand the Equipment Portal and go global with digitizing the industry.

In 2016 the portal was relaunched with a new user interface, new features, new technology, new licensing, and of course a new name; Onix Work.

With Onix Work, it was easier to keep developing and renewing valuable features for equipment users, suppliers, and inspectors around the world. It was also possible to phase in features for maintenance and phase out the rather outdated Onix Maintenance software.

In 2018 the Onix Worker app was introduced, enabling the modern worker to perform operator maintenance digitally while on the go. That same year we also released Onix Tool Store, a tool crib management system to digitize rigging lofts. Each year more and more maintenance features have been incorporated into both apps and the web solution.

To focus even more on the great goal; of making Onix Work an international success, Onix People was sold to a safe Canadian home in 2019.

With “hackers” constantly knocking on everyone’s doors, data security has become increasingly important. To secure all customers’ files and speed up their creation and backup of documents all of this was moved to Microsoft Azure in 2020. The goal is to move both the database and the software to the Azure platform by 2024.

In 2021 the Onix Inspection app was relaunched with new technology, a modern user interface, and a new name; Onix Inspect. The inspector can document even more inspections and job types for the customer onsite, bringing more value to everyone. The story of the economist and the programmer continues with full steam ahead!

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  • Onix Work 1999 2.7 release disc

    1999 - Onix Work/Maintenance

    The first ever version of the Onix Work system we have today 
  • Kranportalen&sertifikatbanken-2005

    2005 - Onix Work

    The Crane Portal & The Certificate Bank, the second version of Onix Work. 
  • Onix ID - web shop

    2011 - RFID & QR

    First introduction of what we call Onix Tags today
  • 3.EX_Nettbrett_inspector

    2014 - Onix Inspection

    First version of Onix Inspection (Onix Inspect)
  • 2016 - Onix Work

    Onix Work - New user interface, new features, new technology,  and new licensing.


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