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Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.


Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.


Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.


Privacy policy

Last modified 18.12.2023

This document provides a description of the privacy policy of Onix AS. Onix Work, our software solution, is owned by Onix AS, a Norwegian software company based in Stavanger, Norway. You can read more about Onix Work and Onix AS on our website.

We take your privacy very seriously and follow GDPR regulations on our website. Read more below about our protection practices. 

Onix AS (“Onix”, “we”, or “us”) are committed to safeguarding your privacy. We want you to feel confident using our websites, and this privacy policy is to help you understand how we collect, use, and disclose information that we obtain about users of our website.

Persons under the age of 18 are not eligible to use our services and should not submit any personal information to



This webpage tells you the data protection practices and privacy & cookies policy for, specifically:
  • What is personal data and what does data processing mean?
  • What information do we collect?
  • What types of personal information does Onix collect about me?
  • How this information is used
  • Our policy on sharing this information
  • Email opt-out
  • How we protect your information
  • How you can correct any inaccuracies in this information
  • How to contact us
  • Changes to the Privacy Policy


What is personal data and what does data processing mean? 

Personal data is information about an identifiable or identified natural person. Processing personal data is, in essence, when any action is taken on personal data, regardless of whether this is an automatic or manual process, i.e., for the purposes of: collection, storage, organizing, modification, reviewing, use, and sharing access. Limited data may be deleted or shared. One processes personal data for various reasons; depending on the reason, the application of the data will vary regarding how it is collected, what the legal basis is for its processing and use, as well as the terms for its storage.


What information do we collect?

We collect information about you directly from you and automatically through your use of our website. We may combine information automatically collected with other information that we have collected about you or was provided to us by you directly. In order to help you protect yourself and your information, we encourage you to provide only the information that is necessary for using our website. If you or any other user of the website sends an email or provides an email address to Onix for any reason, we reserve the right to retain that email address to send future notifications in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

By providing Personal Data to and other websites belonging to Onix, you confirm that you have the necessary permissions to disclose Personal Data to be used by Onix in the manner described in this Policy.

Our services sometimes link to services run by other companies’ services. Those companies have their own privacy and cookies policies, so remember that the information you give them will follow their rules and not ours.


What types of personal information does Onix collect about me?

We will give you details about why we need your personal information and how we will use it before you begin, unless it is obvious.


Information that you give us

We might ask for your name and contact details depending on what you are doing. Information you give us might include information in a creation you share with us, such as people’s names that appear in the creation.


Device information

Devices are lots of things like: your computer, your mobile, your tablet, your voice-enabled device.

We automatically collect some technical information from these devices and web browsers. This might include: IP (internet protocol) address, device ID, app ID, vendor ID, advertising ID



To a limited extent, we may also collect personal data automatically by using the cookies’ files found on our website. Cookies are small text files saved on the user’s computer or mobile device whilst using the Internet. These files are used to explore some of the functionality provided on the website or act as confirmation that a certain user has seen specific website content. We only use cookie files that are absolutely required for Onix’ Services to operate and are used to ensure (“Strictly necessary Cookies”): 

Onix also uses third-party services (a list of which is constantly updated) that use cookie files to:

  • monitor website traffic
  • create anonymity for collected statistics which help Onix understand how users visit the website and to constantly improve our products
  • report on the number of anonymous users of our website to assist with website-visit analysis
  • check the frequency that specified content is shown to the user
  • check the frequency on user choice of a specified service
  • measure marketing effectiveness


At the date of creation of this document, the following third parties provide services on the aforementioned basis:


CRM – (Customer relationship management)

Onix processes the personal data it collects primarily for the purpose of delivering and producing those services which the person has subscribed to or ordered, or which the person has registered for as a user. The personal data is processed for the management and analysis of the relationship with the customer – or some other appropriate connection – along with the production of services, business development and planning, as well as opinion and market research and customer communication, which may also be implemented digitally and in a targeted manner.

Please remember, you can remove all cookies from your browser at any time or use the private browsing mode. To find out how to do this, please visit your browser’s ‘Help’ section.

Onix states that after cookie files are discarded, some functionalities provided by our Services may not act properly; in some cases, this can result in an inability to use certain products.


How this information is used

If you have chosen to share it with us, we use your email address to contact you in reply to your message, or to send you our newsletter. If you have entered your email address to leave a comment on the blog, it is used to identify your comment, however it is not displayed on the website or shared with any third-party.

We may also use your email to help resolve issues or disputes, for example if you tell us that you cannot see any of your posts on the website, we will probably search our database using your email address to help diagnose the problem.


Our disclosure of this information

We do not share your personal information or email address with third-parties.


Email opt-out

Just like you, we hate spam. We do not send you spam emails.

You may opt-out of our emails at any time. An ‘unsubscribe’ link is included in all of our email communications.


Protection of your information uses the most through effort possible to safeguard the confidentiality of your personally identifiable information.

At the same time, no service can be completely secure – if you have any concerns that your personal information has been put at risk, please get in touch straight away.

Onix uses robust security measures to protect Data from unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and help ensure the appropriate use of Data.


How to correct inaccurate information

If you would like to have any of the above-mentioned information removed please contact us and we will do this for you.


How to contact us

Reach out to us by email and describe how we can help you.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

From time to time we may update this Privacy Policy in line with website changes that may affect the personal information we gather about you.

It is assumed that you accept such changes if you continue to use the site and services. If you do not accept such changes then you should stop using Onix’s website and services and contact us (details above) if you would like any information removed.