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Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.


Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.


Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.

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Onix Express

Streamline your equipment documentation distribution today
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What is Onix Express?

Onix Express is specifically designed for equipment suppliers and inspectors to streamline the distribution of essential equipment documentation to their customers who are not members of Onix Work. With Onix Express, you can ensure your customers have access to their documents in a secure, read-only format, making the process efficient and hassle-free.

Simplify your workflow by providing a dedicated platform for the distribution of important documents. It enhances your service delivery, ensuring your customers receive the information they need promptly and securely.


Easy access to important documents

Facilitate your customers' access to critical equipment documents in a user-friendly, read-only format.
Onix Express - documents

Digital convenience

Eliminate the hassle of physical paperwork with seamless digital document distribution.
Onix Work - equipment overview

Some of the companies that uses Onix Express

Thousands of companies are using Onix Express for document access

99.9% UPTIME

One solution to make loose equipment compliance easier

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Value for your business

Our goal is to simplify your workday by making equipment compliance as streamlined as possible.
Boost Efficiency Accelerate the document delivery process, enhancing your operational efficiency and customer service.   
Strengthen Control Help your clients maintain better control over their equipment documentation and maintenance records.  
Support informed decisions Empower your customers with up-to-date and comprehensive equipment information, aiding them in making informed decisions.  

Personalized portals

Personalize your Onix Express with your logo, colors and company branding
Onix Express - customized

Secure and efficient

Transform the way you distribute equipment documentation with Onix Express. Streamline your processes, enhance your customer service, and improve your overall efficiency
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Customers say

“I recommend anyone who needs a system to document periodic inspections and maintenance on equipment to try Onix Work.”
Lars Helge FurstrandEiva-Safex AS
“When we introduced Onix Work at OKEA, we do not need binder systems with certificates that take up space on the shelves and we get faster access to inspection reports and certificates. Easy and quick access to certificates makes it easy to order lifting equipment with the same measurements and dimensions.”
Stein Roger HopmarkOKEA
“The digital database Onix Work works very well for us, it is continuously developing to meet our requirements and wishes. The service has always been impeccable. COSL Drilling Europe AS is very pleased to be working with Onix Work. We have had the system as our database for loose lifting accessories and lifting equipment for a long time.”
Magne VestbøstadCOSL Drilling Europe AS
“The software has all the functions you would need and is very easy to keep track of. We had customers with a lot of objects spread to dozens of departments. With Onix’s excellent search function, there was no problem finding the exact bolt that was missing or which crane needed to be inspected.”
Petter Faye Rundereim

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