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Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.


Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.




Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.

Onix inspector inspecting chain

Perform inspections where you are

Complete inspections, send documentation and reports to your customer in one click, all on your mobile device.

Resolve equipment issues quickly and efficiently

Working with pen and paper requires many manual steps, which increases the chances of errors occurring. Then, when it’s time to edit the document, it’s sometimes lost in a mountain of physical folders. Onix Inspect lets you and your customer share documentation in an instant.

Onix Inspect gives you easy to use digital checklists, the full history of the inspected hook, ratchet strap or swivel, and the ability to quickly scan tagged equipment - to ensure consistent documentation all the way from product delivery to disposal.

Accessible 24/7 everywhere

Work online or offline, day or night - it doesn’t matter to us. Any changes you make will be automatically uploaded and accessible to your customers as soon as you get internet service.
inspector using onix inspect

Collaborate with equipment owners on the fly

All data available to all stakeholders. Always. Inspect and generate reports in the field, and make the documentation available to your customers. Combine Onix Inspect with Onix Tags to scan equipment, getting instant access to all documentation.
Onix Work - add connection

Do things your way

No inspector is the same. Make inspections using your own predefined setups and checklists. We won’t force you into a rigid, predetermined reporting system that doesn’t reflect how your own workday plays out.
onix inspect tablet phone

Allow your customers to access their docs online

Your finished reports are available to your customers at any time, without any additional work on your part. Let them search and find whenever they like: all you have to do is make sure the documentation is up to date. 
Workers using computer

One solution to make inspecting easier

See how it can help you streamline your workflow and get you more contracts.

Some of the inspectors we work with today

Join hundreds of companies using Onix Inspect to optimise their business operations

How does Onix Inspect work?

By using Onix Inspect you’ll get all of these advantages:
Manage equipment Full history, inspections deadlines, status notes, error reports and more. For every. Single. Piece. Of. Equiment.  
Manage documents Once you fill out a document, it’s available to every stakeholder. No sending PDFs back and forth, no mess or misunderstandings.  
Equipment check Scan a piece of equipment and get its full inspection history, time to next inspection and everything else you need to know, right there on your mobile device.  
Make mandatory inspections hassle free Halve the time you spend on administrative tasks, so you can focus on the important things.  
Manage equipment issues Inspections, re-inspections and documentation transfer is handled in the same app. Collaborate with customers efficiently.  
Swift report You won’t need to fill out the same thing several times, and you won’t be needing endless back-and-forths to finish a report.  

How does Onix Inspect fit into your workday?

Onix Inspect is designed to make your workday more focused and efficient.

Download customer data
Instead of spending time digging up equipment documentation
Perform inspections using digital checklists
Instead of relying on pen and paper
Get a digital signature
Instead of sending physical documents back and forth
Update and upload control cards and documentation
Instead of spending days or weeks to finish the report
99.9% UPTIME

Customer says

“Onix inspection helps us perform expert inspections quickly and efficiently. It helps us remove sources of error and makes the documentation more accurate compared to other solutions. The customer gets their documentation quickly and in compliance.”
Lars Helge Furstrand
Lars Helge FurstrandEiva-Safex AS


Everything in one place: docs, tags, tracking, inspections, reports.
Onix inspect
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