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Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.


Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.


Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.

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Deliver quality documentation

Integrate Onix Tag with your own systems to keep consistent equipment documentation across all of your digital platforms. Simplify inventory management, improve efficiency, and ensure regulation compliance.

Seamless collaboration with buyers

How many times have you filled out documents for a single equipment series? Different standards and templates for loose lifting equipment documentation makes for doing the same job several times.

And if there is a discrepancy somewhere in the documentation, it can give rise to sequential errors, further complicating the sales process.

Onix Tag enables your warehouse workers to input data which will transfer automatically to Onix Work: no more time consuming back-and-forths to solve documentation issues. One piece of equipment - one place to manage and distribute the documentation for it, across its entire lifespan.

Electronic tracking and management

Combine Onix Tag with Onix Tags and use QR, NFC or RFID (or all of them at once) to tag lifting equipment, drastically reducing the time you spend on getting shipments ready.
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Collaborate with equipment users on the fly

You won’t have to dig through your customers’ physical binders to find what you need ever again. Spending hours with equipment users just to find a piece of paper is a thing of the past.
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One piece of equipment - one set of digital documents

Stop spending time synchronizing information in your ERP system, excel sheets and physical paper copies. Onix Tag makes it easy to comply with document regulations, by sending the data entered by warehouse workers directly to Onix Work. Wherever the piece of equipment is headed next.
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Connect Onix Work to your existing ERP

Use our open API to create a direct pipeline from your warehouse to your customers. Do data entry once, in the system you’re used to, and let Onix Work automate the rest. No more transferring digital information to sheets of paper or other systems.
Onix Supplier integrations

One solution to make selling lifting equipment easier

See how it can help you streamline your workflow, and provide even more value to your customers.

Some of the suppliers we work with today

Join hundreds of companies using Onix to optimise their business operations

How does Onix Tag work?

By using Onix Tag you’ll get all of these advantages:
Equipment registration Register your equipment by providing a unique ID for each piece of equipment. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures accurate and traceable documentation.  
Simplified order management

Streamline your order workflow for warehouse workers using Onix Tag's easy-to-use system.

Improve documentation quality Make sure all documentation is consistent during the equipment’s entire lifecycle. Delight your customers by sending product IDs and documentation to Onix Work.  
Suitable for all equipment types Not in the lifting business? Not to worry, Onix Tag and Onix Work can be (and is) used for all kinds of equipment types, such as fall protection, machines, cars, tools, gas meters, ladders, torque tools and much more.  
Integrate with your ERP-system Your documentation will be consistent across all systems when you use our open API to integrate with your own solutions.  
Stay compliant Meet regulatory and customer requirements by ensuring that your documentation is accurate and up-to-date. With Onix Tag combined with Onix Work, you can confidently demonstrate compliance, enhancing your reputation and trustworthiness in the industry.  

How does Onix Tag fit into your workday?

Onix Tag is designed to let you adjust it to your own way of doing things, so that you can stick with what works best for you.

Transfer your orders to Onix
Instead of spending time digging up equipment documentation
Pick all the equipment in the order
Can be automated with RFID scanning
Apply serial number and/or batchnumber
Can be automated with RFID scanning
Generate declarations of conformity
Automatically attach certificates and user manuals, and distribute them to your customers
99.9% UPTIME

Customer says

“This is a system i would highly recommend for everyone who wants a seamless follow-up and overview for its customers. I used Onix at one of Norway’s leading suppliers on control and certificates of crane, lifting equipment, and fall protection.”
Petter Faye Rundereim
Petter Faye Rundereim

Onix Tag

Everything you need for equipment numbering and order management.
Onix Tag Work
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