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Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.


Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.


Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.

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Onix Worker

Empower your workforce with accessible documentation and enhanced safety
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Struggling to keep track of important documentation for your workers in the field?

Stay organized and eliminate the risk of lost documents with Onix Worker. Centralize all necessary documentation in one easy-to-access platform, ensuring your workforce is properly equipped.
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Easily follow safety protocols

Combine Onix Worker with Onix Tags, and workers can scan QR codes or tap NFC with the app and get instant access to the entire inspection history and documentation. No more checking paperwork to find out if a hook, strap or swivel is safe and approved to use.
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See how Onix Worker fits into the Onix Work ecosystem

Onix Worker is the worker’s tool inside the  Onix Work ecosystem. Click the link below to see how it relates to all the other tools:
Illustration of the Onix platform

Some of the companies we work with today

Hundreds of companies are using Onix to optimise their business operations

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One solution to simplify your workday

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How does Onix Worker work?

Our goal is to simplify your workday by making finding equipment information as easy as possible.
Worksite management Onix Worker streamlines your worksite management processes, saving you time and effort. From checklists to maintenance tasks, everything is in one place for easy access and organization.  
Customized digital checklists Customize your own checklists for different kinds of periodic inspections, services, and maintenance.  
Image capture Document issues with photos with annotations and drawing capabilities.  
Improve efficiency By digitizing work-related tasks, Onix Worker eliminates paperwork and manual processes. This allows your workers to spend more time on tasks that matter and increases overall productivity.  
Improved collaboration The application facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between workers, supervisors, and other team members.  
Tag equipment Tag equipment with NFC, RFID, or QR codes, giving workers all information they need to operate equipment safely.  

Take control of worker safety

With Onix Worker, you can easily manage your job site activities, track equipment usage, and monitor that daily operator maintenance is performed correctly.
Onix Worker dashboard

Operator maintenance made easy

Onix Worker lets workers use digital checklists to perform daily maintenance and safety checks, eliminating the uncertainty of whether safety procedures are actually completed.
Onix Worker checklist

Quickly identify equipment with RFID, QR and NFC

With Onix Worker in combination with Onix Tags, workers will be able to scan each piece of equipment with their phones, getting instant access to its entire inspection history.
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Customer says

“Every operator would benefit from a cloud-based system to store certificates, inspection reports, and other documentation that is required to use the lifting equipment.”

Stein Roger HopmarkOKEA

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We want to simplify your life. Below are answers to the questions we get asked most frequently:

Which user license can use Onix Worker? Anyone with a license to Onix Work has access to Onix Worker.
How to set up notifications?

To set up notifications you can log into Onix Work, navigate to your User Settings, and go into Alerts.



What do the discovery statuses, NC, RC and MO mean?

Onix Work has many discovery statuses, the most common ones are "NC", "RC" and "MO".

icon-nc  NC = Non-conformity 

icon-rc RC = Recommendation

icon-mo MO = Specified requirements are fulfilled, but the condition can develop negatively


What is the meaning behind the colors Green, Yellow and Red?

In Onix Work we use the traffic light system to easily inform the users of the seriousness of issues and when the next due inspection is for equipment.

icon-document-green Not due 

icon-document-yellowDue in the next 45 days

icon-document-redPast due


How do you link NFC and QR codes to an equipment in the app? To link NFC or QR code to a piece of equipment, you simply choose the particular equipment and click on Link in the upper right corner in the Onix Worker app. A choice between linking NFC or a QR code will appear.
How do you perform maintenance and service jobs?

In order to start performing maintenance and service jobs, you must first set up checklists in your Onix Work company settings. Equipment delivered by suppliers always has a Job interval for Mandatory inspection, in order to perform maintenance and service jobs on a piece of equipment you may have to add a new job class for either Operator maintenance or Preventive maintenance


Checklists can be found by going to your Settings > Connected content > Checklists

Job intervals



How do you create and solve equipment issues? You can easily create new issues by using Onix Worker. In order to create new issues for particular equipment, select the equipment and click on "New issue" in the top menu bar. To solve equipment issues you can either use the "Issues" module in the bottom right corner, or you can solve issues when working with a piece of equipment. 
Is there camera functionality in the digital checklists? Yes, you can take pictures of your findings on the checklist.

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Experience the all-in-one management software for loose lifting equipment.

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