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Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.


Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.


Experience the all-in-one equipment management platform for users, inspectors and suppliers of loose lifting equipment.

Equipment management

Onix Equipment Management

Enhance compliance, efficiency and workers safety with Onix's solutions for loose lifting equipment.

The all-in-one equipment management solution

The Onix Work ecosystem benefits the entire lifting equipment value chain. Instead of using a mix of multiple proprietary systems and paper copies to manage equipment documentation, all equipment data is stored in a single database. Suppliers fill in equipment documents and orders in Onix Tag, owners manage that equipment using Onix Work, Onix Worker and Onix Tool Store, and inspectors use Onix Inspect to perform equipment inspections.

The idea is simple: One piece of equipment, one set of documents. Through its entire lifespan.


Everything is connected.

Onix Work for Equipment users, Supplier and Inspectors

See what our customers say

Hundreds of companies are using Onix to make equipment management simplified

Magne VestbøstadCOSL Drilling Europe AS
"COSL Drilling Europe AS is very pleased to be working with Onix Work. The service has always been impeccable. We have had the system as our database for loose lifting accessories and lifting equipment for a long time. All our suppliers within the inspection and delivery of lifting equipment are obliged to use Onix Work. The value of this system is that we have control of our lifting equipment and annual inspections are carried out in less time."
Lars Helge FurstrandEiva-Safex AS
“I recommend anyone who needs a system to document periodic inspections and maintenance on equipment to try Onix Work.”
Stein Roger HopmarkOKEA
“When we introduced Onix Work at OKEA, we do not need binder systems with certificates that take up space on the shelves and we get faster access to inspection reports and certificates. Easy and quick access to certificates makes it easy to order lifting equipment with the same measurements and dimensions.”
Petter Faye RundereimMunck Cranes AS
“The software has all the functions you would need and is very easy to keep track of. We had customers with a lot of objects spread to dozens of departments. With Onix’s excellent search function, there was no problem finding the exact bolt that was missing or which crane needed to be inspected.”

Software solutions

The platform aims to help suppliers, equipment users and inspectors optimize business operations. Choose the best solutions based on your needs. Onix Account and Onix Work is essential for access and data storage - they will follow you everywhere.

onix account logo
Onix Account

Your Onix Account is a single sign-on that works across all Onix applications.

onix work logo
Onix Work

Onix Work is where all equipment data is stored and accessed. It's also the name of the entire ecosystem as a whole.


Equipment suppliers use Onix Tag and Onix Work to access orders, number equipment and create documentation. The documentation can then automatically be transferred to the buyer.
Onix Tag - Order details

Equipment user

Onix Work simplifies safety compliance: Equipment documentation which used to be transferred to different proprietary systems or physical pieces of paper, now has a single digital home, which all stakeholders can access whenever they like.
Onix Work equipment overview


You won’t have to dig through your clients’ physical binders to find what you need ever again. Spending hours with equipment owners just to find a piece of paper is a thing of the past.
Onix Inspect checklist

Accessible for all

If some of your customers aren’t (yet) part of the Onix Platform, they will still be able to access documents through Onix Express.
FireShot Capture 012 - UpLift -

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to simplify your life. Below are answers to the questions we get asked most frequently:

Can we receive and share data with external partners?

Onix Work is an independent software platform that allows for multiple companies to cooperate and share data. When you purchase new equipment from a supplier that is also using this system, you can get equipment data and documents delivered automatically and digitally into your Onix Work account.

Furthermore, when you use an inspector company that is also using the same system, sharing all of your equipment data and documents is just a few clicks away. This makes their inspection more efficient than ever, and your costs can be significantly reduced.

How does Onix improve our internal process?

Our Onix Worker app allows your workers to efficiently perform ongoing tasks related to your equipment. Perform digital checklists for maintenance or pre-use checks. Register and solve findings from inspections and maintenance.

With our add-on Onix Tool Store you can make it fast and simple for workers to lend tools and equipment from your internal tool crib. Know who borrowed which tool, make sure it is returned and reduce loss and theft.

How does Onix help equipment suppliers?

Be assured that your documentation is correct, consistent, and compliant with legal requirements and can be delivered at once with Onix Work. You have complete control over which information is included in your documentation and can customize it to suit your company’s needs.

Customers expect the legally required documents, such as declaration of conformity, certificate, and user manual. And they need it instantly, as well as later.

How does Onix help inspectors?

Your customized checklists and setup in Onix Work with our professional templates enables your inspectors to deliver consistent and high-quality documents to your customers.

Get a complete overview of all your customers’ equipment and inspection dates in Onix Work. Never miss a deadline or a valuable job.

Can we do inspections on-site?

Yes. The Onix Inspection app allows the inspector to complete checklists with findings and pictures onsite, even offline. The inspector can even review the results and findings with your customer and agree on repairs or more work before he leaves their workplace.

Get rid of manual paperwork after hours, increase your competitiveness and get more job in a market with small profit margins.

Can we share inspection reports with customers?

Customers are required to keep these documents, but even so they tend to lose them. And who do they call? Reduce the time you spend on searching for and sending documents and add value to your delivery at the same time. With Onix Express your customers get online access to their documents - anytime and anywhere. If your customer is also using Onix Work, you share even more benefits.

And rest assured – we make sure your documents are securely stored.

Can Onix be integrated with our ERP system?

Whether your point of sale is from a warehouse or a shop, if your organization uses multiple ERP systems or you have departments in different countries, Onix Work can streamline your company’s work processes.

Replace time consuming manual tasks and paperwork with our Onix Tag app for digital and fast picking of items to order. Your customized setup relieves the point of sale to worry about documents.

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Experience the all-in-one management software for loose lifting equipment.

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